Our Mission:

The mission of the Liberty Foundation of America is to educate American citizens about the Constitutional structure and limitations of governance in the Republic, support opportunities for citizens to become involved in the policymaking process and cooperate with affiliated free-market organization on efforts of national impact.

The Liberty Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, non-partisan organization that partners with like-minded entities in states to educate and share research and talent all in an effort to rebalance the powers of the federal government to more closely resemble what our Founding Fathers set in motion. Right now, we’re talking to ourselves too much—the solution is to educate the public and lawmakers alike, enabling informed decisions throughout their respective states and beyond. It’s about working together to empower the Republic, and the Liberty Foundation is the catalyst to empower governors, state legislatures and other elected officials to make waves in the name of federalism. We’re not talking splashes.