Congress, Birdhouses & Radio Antennas

By Dr. Bill Whitsitt Ever wonder how and why we seem to experience a continual expansion of federal government encroachment into every facet of our lives—at the very time we can’t balance our national budget and the world seems to be coming apart? Recent action by the Senate Commerce Committee on a little piece of legislation … Continue reading Congress, Birdhouses & Radio Antennas

Financial Ready Idaho: A Fiscally Responsible Solution

By Wayne Hoffman In Idaho, we pride ourselves on preparedness and self-reliance. In the last decade, however, we have grown more dependent on the federal government than ever before. The federal debt is well more than $17 trillion, and yet, in Idaho, our state government—and by extension, the state’s residents—rely on Washington, D.C., for more … Continue reading Financial Ready Idaho: A Fiscally Responsible Solution

Collective Bargaining Reform in Wisconsin

By Brett Healy A little over four years ago, Wisconsin was in a bad place. Big-government special interests had held the reins for too long, and it was beginning to show. Exploding deficits became the norm. Tax increases were almost expected. And the government just continued to grow. In fact, year after year and budget after … Continue reading Collective Bargaining Reform in Wisconsin

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide in Nebraska

By Jessica Smith Downtown Hastings, Nebraska, often strikes visitors as something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. A myriad of small businesses line both sides of Second Street, which is festively decorated in lights during the winter and well-groomed trees in spring. Tourists can catch a matinee at the historic Rivoli, which first opened in … Continue reading Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide in Nebraska

EPA Methane Regs: Solution in Search of a Problem?

By Cameron Smith In January, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced forthcoming proposed regulations designed to control methane emissions from industrial sources in the oil and gas industry. While that might sound as interesting as watching paint dry, such regulations may actually represent a federal solution in search of a problem. The EPA argues that … Continue reading EPA Methane Regs: Solution in Search of a Problem?