Congress, Birdhouses & Radio Antennas

By Dr. Bill Whitsitt Ever wonder how and why we seem to experience a continual expansion of federal government encroachment into every facet of our lives—at the very time we can’t balance our national budget and the world seems to be coming apart? Recent action by the Senate Commerce Committee on a little piece of legislation … Continue reading Congress, Birdhouses & Radio Antennas

The EPA’s False Choice: Health or Law?

By Trent England The “straw man” or “false choice” is a classic, albeit shameful, debating tactic—redefine your opponent’s position into something easy to knock down. The false choice set up by the Environmental Protection Agency in support of a barrage of regulatory proposals is: Should we protect the environment … or not? The implication—the straw … Continue reading The EPA’s False Choice: Health or Law?

‘Competitive federalism’ can restore govt. credibility

By Examiner Editorial Among the most serious threats to the continued health of the American republic is the extraordinarily low esteem in which the public holds the federal government. And who can blame them when Congress and President Obama seem locked in perpetual partisan warfare, even as millions of Americans have given up on finding … Continue reading ‘Competitive federalism’ can restore govt. credibility